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Love Story Wellness

Love Story Self Love Essentials Kit

Love Story Self Love Essentials Kit

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Discover the Power of Self-Love with the Love Story "Self Love Essentials Kit" 

Are you ready to elevate your Self-Love journey? Looking for the perfect tools to create a positive, uplifting environment? Look no further! The Self Love Essentials Kit is here to transform your Self-Care routine and inspire daily moments of Joy and Reflection.

Inside this carefully curated kit, you'll find:


1. A beautifully crafted journal - Your new companion for capturing dreams, setting intentions, and documenting your personal growth journey.

2. A luxurious full-sized candle - Set the mood and create a serene atmosphere with our hand-poured candle, infused with soothing scents.

3. A stylish wax warmer with Fragrant Wax Melts or a Refreshing Shower Steamer - Elevate your self-care routine and immerse yourself in delightful aromas that uplift your spirits.

4. A set of empowering Affirmation Cards - Start each day on a positive note with these inspiring cards, designed to boost your confidence and remind you of your worth.

Remember, you are your greatest investment.

Kickstart 2024 by prioritizing self-care and self-love. Treat yourself to the Self Love Essentials Kit and make this year all about YOU!


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